Warren Adams

21st Century


2001- Sara Langley Watson honored for 34 years as president of the Cumberland County Historical Society.

2002- Ship John sold to a Philadelphian, no opening.

2002- Meeting to repair the dike; many agencies involved.

2002- Roaming pig of Greenwich caught by “Reds” and Scott Gifford of Hancock Harbor.

2003- Roads to Bayside and Ragged Island paved.

2004- Sarah Langley Watson, President of CCHS, is buried in the Greenwich Presbyterian Cemetery.

2005- Waterspout sighted over Delaware Bay.

2005- Ship John Inn has a limited opening.

2005- Charles Wallis Goodwin, Mayor of Greenwich for 23 years, dies unexpectedly.

2006- Bitter’s Brothers, longtime farmers, give up farming; landowners look for new farmers.

2006- Core samples taken for future construction of the “Greenwich Dike.”

2006- Construction to begin on Gum Tree Corner Road; fresh water flow repair.

2006- Causeway to Bacon’s Neck closed due to more repairs.

2006- Tom & Mable of Greenwich Country store involved in a terrible vehicle accident.

2006- Tom & Mable return to the Greenwich Country Store after 5 months of healing.

2006- Road to Tindall Island (Nancy’s Island) cleared and open.

2007- 300th Anniversary of Greenwich Presbyterian Church.

2007- Author John Fea talks about Philip Vickers Fithian, Greenwich’s Favorite Son a GPC.

2008- 100th Anniversary of the Tea Burner’s Monument.

2009- Civil War Room created in the Gibbon House Museum.

2010- Sustainable Greenwich started in Greenwich — many projects projected.

2011- Sustainable Greenwich opens park in Greenwich.

2011- Historic Greenwich Website created.

2011- Several people fight for the dike restoration in Greenwich; an ongoing process.

2012- Greenwich Township Dikes Advisory Committee formed.

2012- County starts Mill Creek Dike repairs

2012- Greenwich becomes first Cumberland County Municipality to achieve Bronze Level certification in the Sustainable Jersey program.

2012- Tom & Mabel’s Country Store closes.

2012- Hurricane Sandy spares Greenwich.

2013- State of NJ Board of Public Utilities orders Verizon to make major landline improvements throughout the township.

2013- Two applications are submitted to the Greenwich Planning/Zoning Board to construct cellular towers in Greenwich Township.

2013- Aunt Betty’s Kitchen opens.

2013- Several small twisters come through Greenwich.

2013- Controversy over the Cell Tower in Greenwich

2013- Verizon Fios comes to Greenwich

2013- Call for demolition of Methodist Meeting House (663 Ye Greate Street)

2014- Sheppard’s Mill Pond land purchase discussed — swimming area.

2014- Many bank-owned properties in Greenwich.

2014- New ordinance for Greenwich updated, Historic Conservation District Regulations.

2014- Shade Tree Committee formed.

2014- New Flood Plan maps presented.

2015- Early Wood Architecture Book published by Joan Berkey; many Greenwich houses in the book.

2015- Watson’s Dike to be repaired.

2015- Flood protection sought for Mill Creek Dike.

2016- Emergency Management Building, oil leak, state clean-up.

2016- Sea Grant Study for Greenwich.

2016- Watson’s Dike out for bid.

2017- Sheppard’s Mill Pond land purchase — completed — no swimming area for Greenwich.

2017- Greenwich Township reassessment of properties.

2017- Emergency Management Building oil leak clean-up completed.

2017- Greenwich Cell Tower turned on.

2017- Greenwich Volunteer Fire Department Coin Drop returns for the Artisans’ Faire.

2018- Preservation Grant: New Jersey Historic Preservation Fund for the Old Stone Schoolhouse.

2018- Ordinance for Bed & Breakfast vacation rental in private home.

2018- Many bank-owned properties in Greenwich remain; some over 8-10 years.

2018- More and more trees dying in Greenwich.

2018- George & Mary Arnold move to Woodstown Quaker Village.

2018- Aunt Betty’s store closes; reopens later in the year.

2019- Cumberland County Historical Society Native American Museum building passes zoning.

2019- Bank-owned properties being sold for as low as $30,000. Bullseye House $60,000; Presbyterian Old Manse $30,000.

2019- Aunt Betty’s Store closes.

2020- Harris House by monument being conserved by Storm Family.

2020- CCHS Artisans’ Faire cancelled because of virus.

2020- CCHS Christmas in Greenwich cancelled because of virus.

2021- Chicken Fighting Ring discovered in Springtown.

2021- Work progressing on re-surfacing roads around Greenwich.

2021- Expanding of the Historic District.

2021- Bacon’s Neck causeway flooding again

2021- Harris/Storm House at Market Lane under extensive renovation.

2021- George Arnold, store owner and Postmaster, dies.

2021- CCHS Artisans’ Faire resumes.

2021- Wood Store re-opens as Willow and Main.

2021- Aunt Betty’s Store rented to Jerry Lewis, Landscape Architect.

2021- Holiday Lights Tour, new for Christmas in Greenwich.

2021- Greenwich added to the Historic Districts of the United States.

2022- Greenwich Township Public Safety Tower proposed on Pine Mount, Springtown.