The John DuBois Maritime Museum Docent
Job Description

CCHS is currently looking for a Maritime Docent. The position pays $15/hour. Interested candidates, please send your resume or CV to:

The Maritime Docent of Cumberland County Historical Society reports to the Maritime Curator.

The Maritime Docent utilizes effective oral and written communication skills to sustain the Society’s professional image and to provide quality service to all Society stakeholders.


  1. Completed college coursework in history and/or museum studies (Associate’s degree preferred).
  2. Previous experience in customer service is a plus.


  1. Staff Conduct & Management
  2. Maintain consistent attendance and availability, in accordance with assigned work schedules. 
  3. Promote positive customer service in all interactions.
  4. Exhibit ownership of assigned responsibilities and complete tasks on time to ensure Society plans and business needs are met.


  1. Develop exhibits and programs with the Maritime Curator.
  2. Perform Maritime Museum tours for scheduled groups and drop-in visitors.
  3. Participate in Society events including our educational programs.


  1. General Fundraising:
  2. Support fundraising initiatives.
  3. Work with the officers, Board of Trustees, staff and volunteers to sustain current fundraising events (e.g., Christmas house tour, annual dinner, Hearthside dinners, craft fair, etc.) 


  1. Communications.
  2. Be available and support activities as needed.


  • Light cleaning of the Maritime Museum
  • Waters Outside plants
  • Maintains additional tasks as needed

Do you like history? Interested in pursuing a career in museums/archives?

The Cumberland County Historical Society offers a number of different types of projects for those looking for internships or volunteer opportunities. The Society is in constant motion throughout the year with its normal daily operations, special projects, and events.

The Cumberland County Historical Society offers a number of different types of projects:


-Processing Collections

-Social Media

-Researching & Curating Exhibitions

-Researching & Writing Articles for the Cumberland Patriot

-Creating a podcast

Students who intern/volunteer at the Cumberland County Historical Society gain knowledge not only in local history but also knowledge and skills needed to work in museum settings in addition to the history field. The internships are unpaid internships. If you are interested in pursuing an internship please use the form on this page.

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